Jurata's Beauty


Undeniably, Jurata is perceived as one of the most picturesque sea resorts in Poland. Due to its superb location, on the Hel Peninsula, nestled between the Baltic Sea and Pucka Bay and surrounded by pine forests, it is famous for its natural beauty. It features broad pristine sandy beaches, magnificent pine forests, favourable weather and last, but not least, a healthy dose of iodine, all of which makes it a perfect destination not only in summer time but throughout the whole year. 

Apart from its natural attributes, Jurata offers attractions such as:

  • life-guarded public pools at the sea side
  • sports equipment hire
  • spectacular pier
  • swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds
  • numerous inviting cafes, bars and restaurants
  • tourist cruises, and much more.



Obrazki z Juraty